What Size Bin Do I Need?
We aim to provide you with a bin size that suits your needs. We have 2, 3 and 4 cubic metre skip bins. We also have 3m bins with doors. 2 cubic metre bins equal approximately 2 ute loads, 3 metre bins approximately 3 ute loads and 4 cubic metre bins approximately 4 ute loads.
What's Included In The Price Of a Bin?
You will be quoted a price on size of bin, what’s going into it and how long you require it. Included in the price is delivery, pick up, and all tip fees.
What Can't I Put In The Bin?
  • Asbestos
  • Liquid waste
  • Dirt, sand and soil
  • Chemicals
  • Gas bottles
  • Tyres are allowed at additional cost
How Much Can I Put In My Bin?
For safety and legal reasons, skip bins should not be over filled, to avoid spillage during transit. In the event that a driver arrives to collect your bin and it has been overfilled, we reserve the right to remove some of the contents and/or charge extra for excess. Discuss on delivery with operator about appropriate fill level.
How Many Trailer Loads Can I Get In The Bin?
2M Bins will hold approximately 3 6ft x 4ft trailer loads, 3m bins will hold approximately 4 and a half 6ft x 4ft trailer loads and a 4m bin about 6 6ft x 4ft trailer loads.
What is a Cubic Metre?
A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube of one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.
How Much Weight Can I Put in the Bin?
The maximum load for our skip bins are about 2 tonne. This is the safe lifting limit. Both our 2m and 3m bins are permitted to be filled with heavy waste (i.e. bricks, pavers, concrete etc.).
Can I Mix the Load?
Yes, you can mix the rubbish, however different rates apply for green waste, household waste and heavy waste concrete tiles etc.
Do You Have Bins With Doors?
Yes we have 3m bins available with doors. Please note that our doors are not suitable for dingo’s, bobcats or mini excavators to drive into.
Can I Fill The Bin With Concrete?
Our 2m and 3m bins can be filled with concrete, bricks etc. if you need more than 3 cubic metres we can supply more than one bin.
What Can I Put In The Bin?
You can place anything in the bin except those prohibited by law: no asbestos, tyres, batteries, liquids, chemicals, gas bottles. For information on how to dispose of these things contact the council.
What Happens If I Overload The Bin?
Where possible the driver will try to take the skip, overloaded items will be taken out and left in a neat pile.
What Happens If the Driver Can't Load The Bin?
We will contact you and let you know that we are unable to remove the skip due to overloading. We will then organise another skip for you to transfer some of the waste. This skip will be charged at normal rate.
How Much Notice Do You Need If I Want To Book A Bin?
Same day delivery is available depending on availability. A few days’ notice if possible is always good so we can meet delivery requirements.
How And When Do I Pay For The Bin?
Payment is cash on delivery or direct deposit before delivery. Please ask for direct deposit details if you would like to pay by direct deposit.
How Long Can I Keep The Bin?
Bin hire is usually up to 14 days. If you finish with the bin sooner, simply call or text and we will collect it. if you need the bin for longer than 14 days please contact us ASAP. Alternative arrangements can be made depending on bin availability. Please note additional charges may apply.
Can We Get Bins Delivered On Saturday or Sunday?
Yes. We deliver and pick up on Saturday and Sunday.
Can You Put The Bin Under My Carport Or In My Garage?
No, we cannot risk damage to your property.
Where Do You Place The Bin and Can I Move It?
We will ask where you would like the bin placed on arrival or if you’re not going to be there let us know when booking your bin. An appropriate spot is somewhere with easy access and somewhere that has less impact on property like a driveway etc. and for easy removal once full. We cannot jump gutters. Under no circumstances should the bin be moved.
Can I Use Bathurst Tip Vouchers?
Yes – you can get up to $100 off.

Please note: our truck weighs up to 6 tonnes when they are loaded. Unfortunately driving on grass can cause damage particularly in the wet. Please be assured we will make every effort to ensure we don’t cause damage. Should you have any concerns please talk to our drivers.